What happened to American ingenuity? Where is the mad scientist slavishly toiling through the night in relentless pursuit of some obscure but meaningful goal? When did we cease to be dedicated to our craft and opt for convenience instead?

At Product Superior we’re happy to be able to stand for all those small virtues which seem to have passed us by in this modern life. We spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over the details too small for most to notice, choose quality over quantity, and will always put our customers and clients above profit. This is a promise.

Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality goods and design services available and do so in a manner that won’t wreck the place. We use recycled stocks, soy or vegetable inks, and choose to source materials made in the United States. We have dedicated a lifetime to our craft and are pleased to offer our own fretted over, custom illustrations and designs. At Product Superior we care about what we make.


Our Designer: Jennifer Blanco studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York
and has had the pleasure of working for the Museum of Modern Art, Louise Fili Ltd, and Goodesign. When not planted in front of her sterile white monitor designing for Product Superior, she can be found making neon stripe paintings, practicing bike tricks with John, or daydreaming about designing the ultimate prefab home and workspace. She believes that baking and cupcake icing take precedence over politics or finance and most importantly words like “buttons” should be spelled out
in buttons if at all possible.

Our Illustrator:John Earles additionally does much of the writing and concepting here at Product Superior. John studied extensively as an engineer and later went on to receive a MFA from the School of Visual arts. He brings a passion for his meticulously made paintings and drawings, along with a love of science and the machine (go ahead, ask about camshafts). When not donning a soft white glove, masking tape, and a teeny paint brush, he can be found either glued to an Xbox, organizing photo walks around Brooklyn Houston with Jennifer, or planning future camping trips.